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UN: Basel Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), Project, Material Recovery and Recycling of End of Life Mobile Phones, Guidelines, March 2009

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Official Title

Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), Project 3.1 - Guideline on Material Recovery and Recycling of End-of-Life Mobile Phones

Revised and Approved Text March 25, 2009

Extracted Summary

"The primary objective of Project 3.1 is to provide best practice guideline for the environmentally sound material recovery and recycling of end-of-life mobile phones. This guideline does not cover the reuse, refurbishment (Project 1.1), collection and transport of end-of-life mobile phones (Project 2.1), as other project groups of the Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative are addressing these areas. However, robust collection of used mobile phones is strongly endorsed, as the necessary first step in material recovery. Mobile phones that are not collected - and the vast majority are not - can not provide a source for material recovery. Thus, this guideline describes environmentally sound practices for mobile phone material recovery and recycling facilities. It is presumed that the segregation of used phones for reuse and refurbishment has already taken place."

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on Mar 20, 2006)

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