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UN: Basel Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), Project, Awareness Raising Design Considerations, Guidelines, March 2009

Main Subjects
  • Electronic waste
  • E-waste
  • WEEE 
  • International Relations
  • Waste

Official Title

Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), Project 4.1 - Guideline on Awareness Raising Design Considerations

Revised and Approved Text March 25, 2009

Extracted Summary

"It is recognized that product design affects every stage of a product‟s life cycle and can have significant impact in reducing the negative life cycle impacts on human health and the environment, including end-of-life impacts and waste management. In this guideline, end-of-life impacts, and how design changes might reduce them and enhance end-of-life management options, have been examined by a working group of participating experts from mobile phone manufacturers, governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, network service providers and recycling industries -

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on Mar 20, 2006)
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