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One Global Understanding of Re-Use - Common Definitions,
White Paper, March 2009

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Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) White Paper -  One Global Understanding of Re-Use -— Common Definitions

Extracted Summary

"This paper is intended to provide StEP definitions for terms associated with “reuse” of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) or its components. It has been developed within StEP’s Task Force “ReUse” and discussed with StEP’s other Task Forces, thus displaying agreement among the StEP members. The term “re-use” (and its associated terminology) has several definitions in international legislations, norms and re-use practice, all embracing different contexts and not following a global standard for communication.

The StEP Initiative discovered early on that mixed definitions of key terms became barriers for solutions as well as creating confusion among academia, government, business and consumers, eventually hindering an efficient re-use market. The purpose of this paper is to present re-use terminology based on a holistic approach and create one “dictionary” of key terms, their definitions and underlying concepts for establishing a global standard for communication. It does not raise the claim to discuss in depth the variety of existing definitions, but it is intended to be a basis for recommendations to foster re-use, and to evaluate policies and standardize concepts against these definitions."

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In force (published on Mar 05, 2009)
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