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Overview of e-waste related information

Population(total inhabitants in million)201260.90IMF WEO
Purchasing Power*(USD per Inhabitant)201230,116IMF WEO

EEE Put on Market*(kg per inhabitant)201218.5UNU-IAS SCYCLE (2015)*
(total in metric kilotonnes)20121,124UNU-IAS SCYCLE (2015)*
E-waste Generated*(kg per inhabitant)201417.6UNU-IAS SCYCLE (2015)*
(total in metric kilotonnes)20141,077UNU-IAS SCYCLE (2015)*

E-waste Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidance

Number of E-waste Regulatory Instruments  6 Regulatory Instruments
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In forceIn forceApproved ApprovedProposed Proposed

Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidance

Italy: Financial Guarantees by Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Ministerial Decree No. 68/2017Icon green

Italy: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Legislative Decree, No. 49/2014Icon green

Italy: Promoting the Design and Environmentally Friendly Production of EEE, Ministerial Decree No. 140/2016Icon green

Italy: Simplifying the Takeback and Handling of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Decree No. 121/2016Icon green

Italy: Fees for Monitoring and Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Decree, June 2016 Icon green

Italy: Extension of Deadlines for Legal Requirements, Law 25/2010 Icon green

Italy: Implementation of Community Obligations, Law 166/2009 Icon green
Italy: Postponement of WEEE Obligations, Law 228, 2006 Icon green
Italy: Relationship between Distributors and Managers of WEEE Collection Facilities, Memorandum of Understanding, June 2010 Icon green
Italy: WEEE & RoHS Implementation, Decree 151, 2005 Icon green
Italy: WEEE Decree No. 185, 2007 Icon green