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EU: Collection, Logistics & Treatment Requirements for End-of-Life Household Appliances Containing Volatile Fluorocarbons or Volatile Hydrocarbons, Standard EN 50574-2, 2014

Main Subjects

  • Electronic waste
  • E-waste
  • WEEE
  • Waste

Official Title

EN 50574-2:2014 Collection, logistics & treatment requirements for end-of-life household appliances containing volatile fluorocarbons or volatile hydrocarbons

Extracted Summary

"EN 50574:2012 gives the responsible take-back parties the task of defining target values. This Technical Specification provides applicable target values, characteristic numbers; sampling and analysis procedures, as well as monitoring and reporting requirements. Furthermore, this Technical Specification provides validation methodologies for tests and the daily business of the treatment plants as defined in EN 50574:2012."

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In force (published
on Nov 07, 2014)


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