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Collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEELABEX Standard Version 9.0, May 2011

Main Subjects
  • Electronic waste
  • E-waste
  • WEEE
  • Waste

Official Title

Normative document - WEEELABEX Collection, 2 May 2011

Extracted Summary

1.1 This normative document is applicable to all WEEE prior to treatment, i.e. before the first physical modifications.

1.2 This normative document addresses all collection operations including the take-back of WEEE, handling, sorting, and storage, and preparation for transport of WEEE at the collection facilities.

1.3 This normative document addresses all collection operators that perform operations according to clause 1.2, regardless of size, main focus of activities, geographic location, structure of the WEEE business, or legal status of the operator's business."

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In force (published
on May 02, 2011)
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